We are asked all sorts of questions from clients. Here are some of the regular questions and answers to assist you with your project.  


What is Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. It is excavated from the ground and used in a variety of construction materials.


Where can i find Asbestos ?

There are literally thousands of different building materials and products that contain asbestos used within the UK. If your property was constructed before 2000 there is a chance you could have asbestos. Our trained asbestos surveyors can assess your property and the materials it is constructed from and test the required areas for asbestos content.


When was Asbestos Banned?

Different types of Asbestos have different ban dates. The most hazardous materials were banned in 1974. These include thermal insulation, spray coatings and loose fill materials. Asbestos Insulating Board and some other products were banned in 1984. The full ban of all Asbestos products in the UK did not take place until 1999.


What services do you provide?

Asbestos Audit Ltd provides a full range of Environmental Services. We are a UKAS accredited asbestos surveying company. We can assist with all types of asbestos works including inspection, testing, sampling, removal and training. We also have a wide range of other services including ground investigation, ground testing, contaminated ground remediation and planning and infrastructure services.


How can you know if its asbestos?

The only way to categorically know if a material contains asbestos is to test a sample within an approved UKAS accredited laboratory. No one can tell for certain that a material is or is not asbestos without a test.


Where do you operate?

Our teams work throughout the North of England, Scotland and Midland. We will work further afield if required. See some of our recent projects for details.


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