Asbestos Audit Ltd offers a full range of asbestos training solutions from our state of the art training centre in the heart of Sunderland University. Our trainers have a wealth of asbestos knowledge from previous practical experience.

We offer the following courses at our venue or within your site;

  • UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness Training (3-4 Hours) - Cat A - For anyone who is likely to come into contact with asbestos or works in a trade that may come into contact with asbestos.

    The course teaches the basic requirements for staying safe on site and at work from the hazardous of asbestos containing materials.

  • UKATA and Standard Asbestos Awareness Refresher Course - Cat A - If you already have asbestos awareness training in place we offer refresher courses for all levels of knowledge. The trainer will assess your requirements and ensure you have the right training to keep you safe on site.

  • On Site Tool Box Talks (Dependant on Project) - If you have asbestos on site and contractors working on or near the asbestos we offer a range of tool box talks to assist with site based health and safety alongside dispersing information to the workforce from an independent viewpoint. We can assist with dispute resolution and auditing for site based personnel.

Our asbestos awareness courses are aimed at all manner of site based personnel who are likely or have the potential to come into contact with asbestos containing materials. Asbestos Audit ltd are a UKATA approved training provider for Asbestos Awareness Training (CAT A).

The asbestos awareness course covers everything you need to know before going onto site. As per the requirements of Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 the course covers the required training items including history of asbestos, properties of asbestos, uses of asbestos, health effects, where you will find asbestos within a building, how to protect yourself and avoid the risks and what to look for on site alongside regulations and emergency procedures.

It does not however allow you to remove asbestos - Removal of asbestos requires a separate more advanced training course.

To see what courses we are running next or to book a course please contact 0191 3545870 or email or alternately press the button below and fill in our query form and we will come straight back to you.