Our asbestos surveyors provide all types of asbestos surveys for all types of property

If you own a commercial, industrial or residential property we can help you SURVEY YOUR ASBESTOS

Our fully trained asbestos surveyors are audited by and accredited to UKAS ISO17020 to ensure the highest possible standards and safety. We also hold SSIP accreditation for the work we undertake. The highly skilled asbestos survey team can help you with any asbestos related problems from survey queries, asbestos questions or general asbestos advice.

The Asbestos Audit Ltd management team can talk you through every step of the survey process ensuring you are compliant with the current Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We offer practical impartial cost effective asbestos and safety advice to clients large and small. The Asbestos Audit team works in partnership with building owners, duty holders and site managers for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings to ensure compliance and safety at all times.

The asbestos survey teams work throughout Newcastle, the North East, Carlisle and Cumbria, Scotland and Yorkshire regions. We will travel further afield as and when clients require.


  • Asbestos Management Surveys
    This type of asbestos survey is used for location, assessment and management of asbestos within a property. It is non intrusive and causes only minor disruption.

  • Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys
    This asbestos survey type is required prior to refurbishment works within a property. During the survey our team will check all areas of upcoming works. The survey is fully intrusive in the areas of work. Due to the nature of the survey there is some disruption and damage required.

  • Asbestos Demolition Surveys
    The demolition asbestos survey is the most intrusive and thorough survey undertaken. All areas of proposed demolition will be inspected for asbestos. The work is very disruptive and intrusive.

  • Re-Inspection Asbestos Surveys
    Following any of the above asbestos surveys you may require a re-inspection survey to manage the asbestos in your property. This inspection will check the previously located items and ensure they are safe and managed correctly.

    You can find more info on survey types in our blog.

Quality and commitment in every step of the process.


Highest standards in Asbestos Inspection guaranteed


  • Approved Team
    Our team has all the necessary checks and is an approved contractor for the NHS, MOD, Police and local authorities.

  • Fully Trained Staff
    Our Staff are fully trained in all manner of asbestos surveying and inspection works. We are audited and accredited by UKAS to ISO17020 and ISO9001.

  • Health and Safety
    When on site our teams operate to the highest levels of health and safety. All required safety and protective equipment is used in case asbestos is encountered.

  • Clear and Practical Advice
    Our asbestos reports are easy to read and contain all the required information to keep you in line with the current asbestos regulations and manage your property.

  • Quick and Free Fixed Price Quotation
    Call us today for a quick, free impartial no obligation quotation for your project.

Our asbestos surveys costs include for all samples, site inspection by trained surveyors, full reports to HSG-264 and any associated recommendations and consultancy. All works are fully quoted and costs confirmed before we come to site.




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