In this blog post we will guide you through the different types of asbestos survey.

Keep reading to find out what survey type you need for your property or project.

Typically there are 3 main asbestos survey types in the U.K. General guidance and requirements for each asbestos survey type can be found in HSG-264 The survey guide and The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

These are –

  • Management asbestos surveys

  • Refurbishment asbestos surveys

  • Demolition asbestos surveys

Any non residential building built before the end of 1999 will require some form of asbestos survey or sign off that no asbestos was used within the construction.

Without this information an Asbestos Management Plan or an Asbestos Register cannot be properly implemented or produced. It is a legal requirement for any person designated as the Duty Holder of a property to produce an asbestos register for the property they control. Once the register is in place they are also legally bound to produce an Asbestos Management Plan.

The asbestos survey type required depends upon a number of factors. Are you planning to do work on the property? Are you aware of any previous reports for the property? Are you demolishing all or parts of the building?

The survey types can also be interlinked to include 2 or even 3 types of survey in one for buildings where major works are commencing.

Asbestos Management Survey

The Management asbestos survey is the standard asbestos survey type (formerly Type 2). This is used for the management of asbestos within a building where no works are being carried out. The survey includes sampling and identification of materials which are easily accessible within a building. This type of survey does not typically have any damage to the building. All areas of the building should be accessed including lofts and basements where access is available.

Asbestos Refurbishment Survey

The refurbishment asbestos survey is used prior to any type of intrusive works. It is a legal requirement to provide a survey or have one carried out before works start. In this type of asbestos survey the asbestos surveyor will review where the works will be carried out and what areas will be damaged before starting the inspection on site. The surveyor will then intrusively inspect the areas either by breaking into materials or inspecting using bore-scopes to see what type of materials are below the surface. This way workers coming into the property are not exposed to materials that could harm them or endanger inhabitants of the property. This type of survey will only damage the areas of proposed work and will avoid causing damage to areas not being worked on.

Asbestos Demolition Survey

The demolition asbestos survey is the most intrusive inspection type. In this type of survey the surveyors will go right through all parts of the building causing as much damage as is required to see exactly what the buildings construction is made from. The damage can be extensive and as such this type of inspection should only be conducted where buildings are being demolished in full. Every void, panel, loft and boxing will be fully opened to provide the surveyor with full access.

Asbestos Re-Inspection Survey

The final asbestos survey type is the Re-Inspection Asbestos Survey. If you already have an asbestos survey for a property there is a legal requirement to have the survey re-inspected at least annually where asbestos has been previous located or is presumed. The inspection does not take any further samples and simply checks the areas of previous asbestos an provides a report. This allows building owners to monitor and assess the condition and associated risk from asbestos within their properties and is a key factor in the management of asbestos.

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