Asbestos Audit Ltd is now a member of CL:AIRE


Asbestos Audit Ltd has become a supporter member of CL:AIRE.

Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments (CL:AIRE) was established in 1999 as a not for profit organisation aiming to improve the awareness and practical knowledge and methods for dealing with contaminated land.

Asbestos Audit Ltd has been working on Asbestos in Soils projects for many years throughout the UK. The valuable guidance documentation created by CL:AIRE has greatly improved Asbestos In Soils knowledge, training and health and safety on asbestos contaminated sites.

As such Asbestos Audit Ltd felt it only right to give a little back in supporting the future development of the guidance and information CL:AIRE provides.

We have recently completed a number of high profile contamination projects. The guidance for dealing with Asbestos in Soils is invaluable. Using the guidance ensures best practices are adhered to and standards of Health and Safety are consistently high.

When dealing with asbestos in soils a number of questions are usually asked:

  • Do i need to do anything for asbestos in soil?

  • Is asbestos in soils a risk?

  • How do you test for asbestos in soils?

  • What do i need to do with asbestos in soils?

  • How much will removal of asbestos in soil cost?

To learn more about asbestos in soils please check out our recent projects where we discuss the requirements for managing, inspecting , remediation and removing contaminated soils.

If you have any further questions about asbestos in soils please get in touch with one of our environmental specialists at 0191 3545870 or contact us.



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