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Anthrax spores are still present in many of our buildings to this days, with a lifespan of decades the only way to rule out the hazard is a lab test to identify the presence of the spores within the building materials. Call us today or get in touch for a free no obligation quote.


Anthrax is a bacteria found in spores within the soil and animal hair including horse hair within plaster alongside other older building materials. The bacteria remains in spores for many years and can cause a very serious health risk if exposure occurs. The most likely risk is where the spores come into contact with a cut or wound and enter the body through the injury. Spores can also enter the body via ingestion and through being breathed in. When the bacteria enters the body it becomes active and multiply. They then produce poisons or toxins in the body and can cause very serious medical conditions and illness. Although very uncommon in the U.K. anthrax spores are still present and potentially hazardous within a number of older buildings.



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